Di-O-Clean Powder, 25 liter

Di-O-Clean Powder, 25 liter

SKU: 2506040

Di-O-Clean is developed for drinking water treatment and cleaning and disinfection of drinking water systems in the professional livestock industry.

Di-O-Clean consists of two components which will generate, after blending, a 99,9% pure chlorine dioxide solution, without any chlorine or other harmful by-products.

Di-O-Clean consists of two components (A + B) which are packed separately. Once mixed together with water, the product becomes Chlorine Dioxide. For best results this solution should be applied continuously to the drinking water lines by means of a special dosing pump.

  • Disinfects water lines and drinking water. It eliminates all kinds of germs, bacteria, fungi and virusses
  • Removes the biofilm in the water pipe and prevents the formation of biofilm by dosing continuously
  • Removes iron and manganese deposits in the water pipe
  • Is not corrosive to the drinking water system after dosing
  • Is pH-independent (effective at pH 2-10)
  • Suitable for use in the treatment of sulphurous water
  • 260% more effective than a disinfectant on the basis of chlorine (sodium hypochlorite, bleach water, active chlorine, etc.)
  • Reacts directly with the cell wall of micro-organisms (bacteria, salmonella, yeasts, fungi and viruses), so that no resistance is built up
  • Does not form toxic by-products such as THM, HAA, Mutagen X and chlorinated phenols, such as in the use of chlorine
  • Does not affect the smell and taste of the water, in contrast to chlorine
  • Is very easy to use
  • Makes water a safe and valuable nutrient
  • No smell or taste